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Welcome to the SOUND IT Production website.

SOUND-IT has been built on friendship. Two collaborators worked together in Lyon and discovered, a few years later, that they shared the same passion: musical composition.

One of them, working in TV production, was informed that a famous producer made an open casting for music composition in order to realize a great project. So they started working on that project and, after a week, they both made together their very first music, approved by the production.

Then a second music was composed, then another and another, a total of 29 musics were made within five weeks, in many different styles.

This very first contract, being a success, they decided to build their own composing group : SOUND IT

Then, they started to compose for Advertising, Original SoundTracks, movies and artists.

After that, many other composer have heard of SOUND-IT and ask to join the group, some have been more than welcome.

Classical composer, DF, Singer, Author, etc…

For now on, this team keeps a 100% satisfaction costumer.

Sir, Miss, lets have a metting, physical or virtual, explain us your needs and your projects, we will take care of the musical creation (English and French speaking).

We offer unique, customized and original compositions for TV, radio, web, movies, advertisings and artists.

We can work with anyone, no matter how big or small is your project, we love our work, We love composing and we are doing everything to be great at it.

Your looking for, emotion, power, deepness, or even inspiration : Contact Us !

Your Imagination, our Creations, Reveal your musical Spirit.

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